The Truth Matters, Kansas City

88% of Kansas City Northland Kids keep their mouths tobacco free!  You should too, and here’s why:

Truth #1: Once you start, it’s really hard to stop!

It’s so addictive that most people who start chewing or smoking, never quit. 

Truth #2: You’ll stick out. 

Only 3% of middle school students in the US smoke-that means 97% of kids DON’T smoke! Most kids think it’s disgusting and uncool.  Who would want to ruin their image by inhaling over 4800 chemicals? 

Truth #3: Tobacco is more deadly than AIDS, car accidents, murderers, suicides, and fires.

Every day, 1200 people die as a result of tobacco related diseases like lung cancer, heart attacks, and emphysema.  Kids that start smoking now might be one of the 6.4 million young people that eventually die from diseases caused by tobacco. 

Truth #4: Tobacco use leads to other dangerous behaviors like alcohol and other drug abuse and risky sex.

Kids who smoke are more likely to engage in unsafe behaviors and get in trouble.   


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